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Terms of Use

Thank you for utilizing our services . by placing order on Smm1rare you  accept all the below-listed term of services.

You should read all terms of service before placing any order to ensure and know all changes.

Rates for Smm1rare might change at any moment without prior notification.

delivery speed is not guaranteed by Smm1rare. we try our best to deliver the fastest delivery. and when  some delay occur, you cannot  get refund .


we are not liable for andy damages occur for your account such as suspension or deletion done.

Payment policy:

The user must deposit money  before placing or submitting an order on Smm1rare. We accept payment methods like Coinbase  and Payeer. You need to sign up, the you choose a payment option, and add credit. after a successful transaction, your credit will be credited to your account balance Within minutes .

Refund Policy:

1- Once a deposit has already been placed, there are no refund

2-  you must utilize your balance.

3- for completed orders no refund for balance.

4- no refund when placing duplicate link  while 1 is processing already , it will be your responsibilty .